The lights that are used to light up the main entrances and boundaries of homes and other commercial buildings are called as gate lamps. These come in various styles from modern antique.


  • The light fixtures are made of Alluminium Alloy/MS Sheet/PC
  • Casting Electrostatic powder coating for anti corrosion and elegant look
  • Steel used is all high quality anti corrosion grade
  • Professionally - designed optical system maximizes light
  • Efficient, and high light output
  • European style, simple and various variety of models
  • Suitable in different applications
  • Silicon gasket with high heat resistance
  • Used steel high quality stainless steel used thus these are more resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The body is made of steel and glass is PC instead of glass thus no chance of breakage
  • Adds elegance to the entrance of the Home, Created especially for Indian Homes

    Bulkhead lights are generally cheap, no-nonsense fittings, geometrically shaped with an emphasis on function rather than decoration. They might be used in a variety of environments, whether domestically, industrially, or commercially, and they can be installed as wall or ceiling lights. Bulkheads might occasionally use incandescent or LED technology, but by far the most common type is a fluorescent bulkhead, which offers an attractive blend of bright, energy-efficient light for relatively little initial outlay.

    Prices vary greatly in bulkheads according to your needs. Some of the features you’re likely to encounter when browsing our products might include:

  • Vandal resistant with shatterproof polycarbonate construction
  • Dusk to dawn photocell sensor that keeps the light permanently on during darkness and switches it off at dawn
  • PIR sensor that triggers the light when movement is sensed within a given range
  • High frequency fluorescent models for flicker-free illumination and no humming noise
  • Coastal resistant models that are especially well suited for outdoor use near the sea
  • Ingress Protection rating
  • Advantages:

  • Compact size
  • Flicker less lighting
  • Easily installable
  • Fine finish